Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pork Shoulder in a Backyard Smoker

I must give credit to Pat L for showing me this set-up to cook/smoke a perfect pork shoulder for pulled-pork sandwiches.


1 Pork Shoulder (7-8lbs will do): Try to get the entire pork shoulder that includes the front leg and shoulder bone from the pig. Some grocers divide the shoulder into the Boston Butt and the Picnic cut.
1 cup of dry rub seasoning. I've used an assortment of recipes found on various smoking/bbq sites. They usually have in common:
chili powder
brown sugar
fresh ground pepper

I've enjoyed the roasts the most that have the rub applied the night before, and the roast is wrapped in plastic and refrigerated.
The temp is regulated by a hotplate resting at the bottom of the smoker. A small kettle with the wood chunks rests on top of the hotplate. The wood used (provided by Pat) is from local fruit trees. Cook for 6-8 hours at a temp of 220 degrees. I rotate the roast about halfway through. The last couple of hours I transfer the roast to a dutch over and cook in the oven at 220 until the internal temp is about 180-190.
At that point, the meat should easily separate with a fork and is ready to eat. Slathered in sauce in a bun.


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MarySue said...

I loved being just a little part of the first smoked shoulder in Aug. You did a wonderful job and it was delicious. So glad you shared this with all.