Monday, November 9, 2009

Stuffing or Dressing

Which do you eat...stuffing or dressing? Here's the recipe I've made my entire adult life. Since today I got a call for the recipe I figured I'd better post it. In our family, some of the kids would choose this as the only Thanksgiving food they'd eat if they could only have one food.

I use Mrs. Cubbison's cubed and seasoned bread cubes. Remember to use the cubed. I do not stuff my turkey but bake the dressing in a very large casserole pan.

4 pkgs. Mrs. Cubbison's cubed bread cubes
2 c. (4 sticks) butter (I do not substitute)
4 c. chopped onion - I cry, a lot!
4 c. sliced celery
5 c. liquid approx. (I make a broth by simmering the giblets with onion and a bunch of the unused celery tops and also use canned, low fat chicken broth)
salt and pepper
sage, sage and more sage

1. In large dutch oven or large frying pan melt butter.
2. Add chopped onion and celery and cook slowly until onion and celery are tranlucent. Don't brown. One of the family favorites is to dip a chunk of home make dinner roll in this flavorful butter and eat it. We always do it in tribute to Papa who loved to do it...actually he loved to dip anything in butter.
3. Place all bread cubes in the largest bowl you have. I use my gigantic stainless steel bowl.
4. Pour butter and veggie mix over bread cubes and mix well. A large, wide wooden
spoon works well.
5. Drizzle broth over mix while someone rotates bowl and mixes continually. The 5c.
of broth is just an estimate. You will need to taste and test alot.
6. I add salt and tons of sage to taste. I keep adding and tasting until it seems
just right.
7. Transfer mix into a buttered casserole dish. Cover with lid or foil and bake
approx. 45 minutes in 325* oven.

Note: This makes a ton for my big family. You may want to make 1/2 this recipe or even less. This is a popular left over.
Do you know what giblets are! It's that wonderful packet inside your turkey. It contains the heart, liver and gizzard. The neck is usually in the neck cavity while the rest you'll find in the body. My mom set the example of simmering the giblets. When done the neck meat was picked from the bones, the heart and gizzard diced and either added to the stuffing mixture or to the white giblet gravy she expertly made. She also added the chopped liver but I started my own new tradition and after cooking the liver I feed it to my beloved dog(s).



Trevlyn said...

Ahhh, your's is the BEST EVER!!! You'll HAVE to save me some...please!!!

D said...

It isn't Thanksgiving unless I have this stuffing. Who needs apples, cranberries, oysters, etc...., Mom's stuffing beats them all!