Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chinese Noodles

I think, hopefully, every family has some quirky family favorite recipes that will never, ever be published or requested by friends. But to that family,the dish is dear and beloved. I think this is one of those recipes. Mom made it for my sisters and me and we always loved it. Jody tells the story that on our birthdays we usually got to pick the dinner menu and this was what she always wanted. I think of this as a Monday meal. Strange but true. You see, it is made with left over roast beef and that was usually cooked on Sunday...get it now. I of course made it for you kiddos and I wonder if you like it enough to make it for yourselves and my grands. Since Jody is in town I made Chinese noodles for dinner this week. She certainly was generous with her compliments and made me feel appreciated. Thanks Jody. Here's a rundown on an old, quirky family favorite. It's a loosey goosely recipe with no exact measurements/amounts. Just fit it to the number of people you feed.

Johnson Family Chinese Noodles

left over roast beef cut into small pieces, enough for number you're feeding
hard boiled eggs sliced, 1-2 per person(more or less depending on amount of beef you have)
green onions sliced
Chinese noodles cooked and drained, still hot
soy sauce (I've switched to a lite version)

Except for the just cooked noodles, all ingredients are cold/cool. Start with a serving of noodles in your bowl, top with beef, eggs, green onions and then a splash of soy sauce.

The finished dish.


Trevlyn said...

Oh, yummers, Emily! I love these so much!!!! Muchas gracias!

Dori Girl said...

I love using the thinner chinese noodles, but this dish rocks my world!